Tuesday, August 25, 2015

WIP: Minion (Megaman Version)

WIP: Minion (Megaman Version)

Hello There!

Here's my second figure in progress and I started this project when I get tired and quit Gunpla wayback July 7, 2015 for the meantime, I have shift to figure customizing and I choose this figure from Mc Donalds' Happy meal Despicable Me to make myself my own Megaman version of this Minion.

When I saw someone posted this picture from facebook, I quickly search for it and sadly I only found one and its the same picture! But, that's not a problem because the concept is just simple to make and I decided to do it as fast as I could!
I used my Rotary tool for sanding to shape all the sculpts and make it smooth as possible just like the helmet.

What I did first is to sand down the clothes/body and make it look like a tablet and sculpt the new clothes just like in the reference picture and then extend the height of it using Plastic Styrene sheets or Pla-Plate in Gundam Modeling.

Second is to make a big hole on the head part so I can easy insert the eyes on the back part of the googles and then make a base for the eyes just like in the picture so it will be more steadier when inserting it.

The third step will be the cutting or separation of the hands from the original yellow fixed arms and drill a hole for the stranded wires (For Being bendable for the new arms) to insert in, so you can still rotate the hands/Buster.

Step 4 is to sculpt this mini Megaman's boots and add a peg connector on it and I also sculpt the helmet using Pioneer Marine Epoxy Putty little by little until I reach the top and cover it then add the original helmet detail parts (Light Blue) from my Bootleg Rockman Figure, and I also add 1mm Plastic sheet on the lower part of the helmet as you can see in the picture.

After sculpting the boots and the helmet, I primed it using Bosny Spraycan Primer Grey for checking of errors and smoothen out everything by wet sanding and by filling the gaps using Tamiya Quick Type Putty or Melted Pla-plate and as you can see in the picture, I have already sculpt the buster and that will be my last work for this Minion.

and lastly, Making the eyes to look mad by adding epoxy on it. :)

Here are the other HD photos, Enjoy!


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