Thursday, June 30, 2011

3D MODEL: Dr. Thomas Light

3D MODEL: Dr. Thomas Light
Thank God someone fulfill my request and its Paradise_Engineering!  
Thanks to him! 
I've done some slight edits and retexture the whole model into X Series version using Photoshop.

Here's Paradise's Work:
(Rockman Series Ver)

and here's mine:
(Rockman X Series Ver)

and its still unanimated. I hope someone can bone it so i can animate it. 


Thursday, June 23, 2011

WIP: [3ds Max] Sigma (X5 Form) 1

WIP: [3ds Max] Sigma (X5 Form) 1
This is my first head model scratch... Thanks to Kameron (The One who helps the FoCs Map) who teach me how to use cut and then i finally understand it except the UVW-Unwrap Thing for wrapping the texture T_T"

I'm going to use this for my 2nd Map Project.

He slightly fix the chin like in the reference photo of Sigma.

Removed the wireframe to view it properly.

I will make his body soon. Till' next time!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

SD Floating Rock Diorama

SD Floating Rock Diorama


- Thick Styrofoam
- Plastic (From CD Case)
- Wood Base
- Primer
- Acrylic Paints
- AirBrush (If you have)
- White Pigment (Or Tamiya Weathering Master White) 

Make a Pla-Plate Base using Pla Plate, Wires, Sprues and scribe some Panel Lines.

Glue the Base into your styrofoam using Glue Gun / Stick.

Burn the Styrofoam:

Fine Sand and Plaster of Paris Mixed

Add a 10% Water and mix it

Apply it to your Dio quickly before the Plaster gets harden.

Repeat again on the lower level. Use any stick to add some details.

Primed the upper level by  Liquid Surface Primer (Use Spray instead)

Here's Shaq's Painting Job using his Badger AB
He only used Bosny Primer Gray and Tamiya Acrylic Black    

More on Preshading on the base

The Final step is to enamel wash or use White pigment to give better effects on the edges and to highlight the details of the plaster of paris. 
I used Fine Charcoal Powder + White Poster Color to save money

Mix it with water

In this picture, you will notice the drybrushing is Bad. But in Personal, it gives better contrast

Then ready to weather it with WHITE using your Tamiya Weather Master B

Not yet topcoated.

then Topcoat it!~

Especially Thanks to Shaq!

Monday, June 13, 2011

WIP: SD Gundam Astray (Red Frame) 4

WIP: SD Gundam Astray (Red Frame) 4
Its Time for Puttying!

Added pla-plate on both wings.

Added Horns on his Elbow.

Puttying with Tamiya Basic Type Gray

I'm just filling the seam lines and small gaps.

Sanded by 600 GRIT Sandpaper
(Waa Where's the small gap now?)

Next Step. Painting!

My Cheap Gunpla Tools

My Cheap Gunpla Tools
Status: Not yet done.


- Can drill pla-plates for modding.
- Circle Designing.
Alternate: Tamiya Pin Vise 
1.5 Drill bit + Hobby Knife Handle
Cost: 32 Php (Without the Handle)


- Can be use as stand for painting. 
- Can also be use in making Dioramas.
Alternate: Styrofoam
Cost: None


- Can be use on weathering. 
Alternate: Tamiya Weathering Sponge
Ever Bilena Make up Sponge
Cost: 45 Php (3 Pcs)


- Can be use for making action bases.
- Friendly for Paint testing.
- Can be use as PEGS for modding and repairing.
- Can be use in Designing like Pla-Plating.
- Can make Life size Gundam (Like the RX-78-2)
- Parts holder while Painting.
Alternate: None
Cost: Free from your Kit

- Can be use on modding and Pla-Plating.
- Can Remove Seamlines.
- Can Repair some broken parts.
Alternate: Mighty Bond or Tamiya Thin Cement
Cost: 175 Php (Good for 4 Months if you're using it on modding)


- For Cutting.
Alternate: None
Cost: 100 Php

- For Modding and Designing.
- For Repairing.
- Scratch Building.
Alternate: Tamiya Pla-Plates, High Impact Sheets, Balloon Sticks, Sim cards (1mm), Prepaid Cards
Cost: Depends on the mm and size.

- For Designing.
- For Cutting Thick Pla-Plates (Yellow Scriber)
Alternate: Tamiya, Trumpeter Scriber, Bulletin Pins, Baby Pins, Needle Point
Cost: Yellow Scriber (34.75 Php)

- For Cutting.
- For Panel Lining.
Alternate: Tamiya Hobby Knife, NT Cutter D Precision, Gundam Marker
Cost: 5 Blades (72.00 Php), Design Knife with 2 Steel Pin + 10 Blades (126.75 Php), Artline Tech-Pen .1 (65.75 Php)

- For Fill gaps.
- For Sculpting/Repairing.
Alternate: Tamiya Basic and Quick Type Putty, Milliput, Selleys
Cost: Tamiya Basic Type (175 Php), Pioneer EPOXYCLAY WOOD (64.75 Php)


Cost: Holographic Paper [Creative Hands] (20 Php)

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Toy Kingdom 50% & 70% OFF Gunpla Sale

Toy Kingdom 50% & 70% OFF Gunpla Sale 

Where: SM Megamall Until the end of June
The Time we visit: 4pm~6pm
Date: June 12, 2011 (Sun)
On Sale: HCM Pro, Old HGUC, Gundam Old 1/144 kits, MG Metallic Zaku, Miniatures, Figures, Sangoken. 
Caravan: On-Going (FG Dynames 16 Age Below)  July 3 (16 Up)

Here are the photos: 

My Hauls this day