Friday, June 3, 2011

WIP: SD Gundam Astray (Red Frame) 3

WIP: SD Gundam Astray (Red Frame) 3

Its Time for Trimming, Pla-Plating and Panel Line Scribing!

Adding Designed Pla-Plates on the Astray's head and chest armor.

For Scribing Panel Lines, I only used a small pin and a dymo tape on it.
See the blue pin in the pic? ^^ 

Here is the concept of my Vfin :D I used .3mm and 1mm Pla Plate and hobby knife for trimming. 

I made some details using my cheap scriber and drill bit.

I also trimmed/damage/Pla Plating some parts of the shield.

Here are some photos taken from our PGBC meet-up


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