Wednesday, June 15, 2011

SD Floating Rock Diorama

SD Floating Rock Diorama


- Thick Styrofoam
- Plastic (From CD Case)
- Wood Base
- Primer
- Acrylic Paints
- AirBrush (If you have)
- White Pigment (Or Tamiya Weathering Master White) 

Make a Pla-Plate Base using Pla Plate, Wires, Sprues and scribe some Panel Lines.

Glue the Base into your styrofoam using Glue Gun / Stick.

Burn the Styrofoam:

Fine Sand and Plaster of Paris Mixed

Add a 10% Water and mix it

Apply it to your Dio quickly before the Plaster gets harden.

Repeat again on the lower level. Use any stick to add some details.

Primed the upper level by  Liquid Surface Primer (Use Spray instead)

Here's Shaq's Painting Job using his Badger AB
He only used Bosny Primer Gray and Tamiya Acrylic Black    

More on Preshading on the base

The Final step is to enamel wash or use White pigment to give better effects on the edges and to highlight the details of the plaster of paris. 
I used Fine Charcoal Powder + White Poster Color to save money

Mix it with water

In this picture, you will notice the drybrushing is Bad. But in Personal, it gives better contrast

Then ready to weather it with WHITE using your Tamiya Weather Master B

Not yet topcoated.

then Topcoat it!~

Especially Thanks to Shaq!


  1. Nice tutorial dude. Do you know where I can buy Plaster of Paris here in Manila? Thanks!

  2. Try Deovir Arts located on Sm North or other branch. Check their website its 30php only :D You also try Ace Hardware

  3. Thanks! I'm going to use a similar setup for a custom garage kit I'm working on.