Saturday, June 4, 2011

WC3: Anime Battle Characters [ABC]

Anime Battle Characters
Here is my late post for Anime Battle Characters Warcraft III Map
Map by my friends, Deckai & Thomasinow
Play characters from different anime series in a Hero Arena. 


Ichigo, Grimmjow, Shiki, Akiha, Shana, Yuji Sakai, Nanoha, Louise, Miku, Haruhi, Konata, Reimu, Black Rock Shooter, Avenger, Blackstar, Kanade, TK.


Assassin (FSN), Aigis, Sakura, Roa, Deadmaster, Gintoki, Yuki, and a secret character

How to Play?

Install Reign of Chaos and Warcraft Frozen Throne and set the version to latest.

Latest Version 1.1 Map

Full Changelog of version 1.1

New/Update Features:

- Added 4 new Heroes (Avenger, Kanade, T.K, and Black Star)
- Unlocked BRS to playable character
- Added 2 new Bosses (Tarasque, Azure)
- Now Bosses will drop rare item upon the death
- Now owned items can't be picked up by other players than its user (except boss items and charged)
- Now Camera can be freely set (original set is 200)
- Now after duel finished all players will returned to their base
- AI smarter and stronger with 3 difficult choice (Easy, Normal, and Insane)
- New Console Interface
- Added Assist system (Assist got 40% of the main bounty / number of player assisting, and 60% for the killer)
- Added some new interfaces
- Lag Reducer added
- Added 25 total Team Kill choice for Team Kill
- Added Normal Game choice for Destroy Tower
- Items can now be freely merged (Example: Sword Level 2 + Sword Level 2 = Sword Level 4)
- Double kill or higher is given to players who kills again within 7 seconds, and added with sound
- Starting Gold is now 5000 each team (spreaded to whole team, if your team is 2 players, you get 2500)
- Experience Gain reduced by 20%
- Now creeps are spawned each 22 seconds
- Music removed
- Grammar Fix
- Knockback does not happen to dying units, and also units will not be knocked out of playable map area
- Now ultimate can be learned from level 8

Bug Fixes:

- Random small bug fixed
- Random small leak fixed
- Random small spell fixed
- Random small item fixed
- AI drop Item bug fixed
- Command random fixed
- Command unstuck fixed
- Duel system fixed
- Some Fatal Error fixed

Spells Revamps:

- Getsuga Tensho now share cooldown
- Ichigo 2nd Skill new sfx
- Both Getsuga have new sfx
- Ichigo Ultimate is updated with critical bonus
- Grimmjow Desgaron is changed and new sfx
- Grimmjow 1st skill new motion effect
- Grimmjow 2nd skill now slows instead of damage
- Grimmjow default ability changed to Hierro
- Shiki 1st skill new motion effect
- Shiki 2nd skill new sfx
- Shiki ultimate is updated and added Last Arc (Conditions: Shiki must have maximum mana and target unit)
- Akiha Ultimate cast range changed to 300, and deals more initial damage when casted with range below 150
- Akiha 2nd skill updated (ignite can be cast using same shortcut [W])
- Akiha Ultimate new sfx
- Shana 2nd skill now share cooldown
- Fuzetsu can only be used 10 seconds after another Fuzetsu
- Shana 1st skill new sfx
- Shana Fuzetsu is not global anymore and have different sfx and durations
- Shana Ultimate is changed, have chaos type damage, and reduced cooldown
- Yuuji 1st skill now slashs faster and have new sfx
- Yuuji 2nd passive skill, now with ability to immune toward fuzetsu, and better regenerations
- Yuuji Ultimate is updated with bonus 25% from max hp
- Yuuji no longer cast Fuzetsu, instead does Blutsauger
- Nanoha Flash Move is updated and new sfx
- Nanoha 1st skill new system missile
- Nanoha 2nd skill nerfed a little
- Nanoha 3rd skill new sfx
- Nanoha Ultimate new sfx
- Louise now take more 25% more damage from the Zero Explode
- Louise Ultimate new sfx
- Miku 1st skill is changed to Mahou Negi
- Miku 2nd skill now heals by percentage of max hp
- Miku 3rd skill is nerfed
- Miku Ultimate new sfx and effects
- Haruhi 1st skill now have sucking effect
- Haruhi 2nd skill now have trail effect upon activation
- Konata 2nd skill updated with new random skills
- Konata 3rd skill new sfx
- Konata Ultimate new skill and sfx
- Reimu 1st skill bounce more slower
- Reimu 2nd skill new color sfx
- Reimu 3rd skill is updated, now it charges instead of returning
- Reimu Ultimate new skill and sfx
- BRS 1st skill is changed to Rapid Fire
- BRS 2nd skill nerfed
- BRS 3rd skill is changed with new effects and renamed to Chain Action
- BRS Ultimate sfx changed


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