Sunday, June 5, 2011

3DS MAX: The Making of Servbot Model

The Making of Servbot Model
by: DarkWorkx

First of all... I would like to tell you all, that this tutorial is for our Private Modeling/Texturing Workshop.
But, I made it public so everyone learn how to model using 3ds Max.

I want to build a forum with lots of Modelers you know...
You need my permission if you want to post my tutorial on other site!

Program used: 3ds Max 9

Here's the picture:


Create a cyclinder (Create Tab from the Toolbar)

and then Right click on the object (Make sure you selected the whole object)
and go to Convert to Editable Poly

then go to the Modify Tab on the right side (Toolbar) and you will see there is Editable Poly.
You can edit object using Vertex, Edge, Border, Polygon and Element.

1. Vertex - Helps you edit polys. Move them rotate them...anything
2. Edge - Helps you select edges like in this picture:

3. Border - Helps you select only strokes or border of the face (You can only this for holes):

4. Polygon - Helps you select faces.

5. Element - also helps you select elements or different objects (Geosets)

These are the basic Tools you need.

1. Select Object
2. Selection Region - Helps you choose differents shapes to select (complicated position) polys.
3. Select and Move
4. Select and Rotate
5. Select and Uniform Scale - helps you choose also different scaling angles.

After selecting the polys, Making something like this using Select and Move tool. (follow this picture)

and then select the middle circled meshes using polygon
and go to your toolbar and choose Extrude and then, drag it upward.

Rescale it using Select and Uniform Scale. (Like in the Concept pic)


Make a Cyclinder and repeat the steps in the previous post. (The Head)
For me, I didn't create a cyclinder object. I used bevel and extrude like in the picture.
(The difference of Bevel and Extrude is, Bevel can Extrude with scaling.)

Next, make a Sphere and set the Segments to 10 only and convert it to Editable Poly.

and ofc follow the concept picture and use Extrude and bevel again (Don't forget to use Polygon or Vertex Selector)

and then use Edge selector and select the edges like in picture and right-click and choose Connect.
(This selection helps you to divide the mesh/face)

(You can also set your own number by going to right click it and press the mini icon behind connect)

Mini Icon:

Divide it with your Number!

Then...Make something like this:


Now...We're going to make the screw. Create a sphere again with 10 segments and erase the half
and follow the picture...also place the screw to its position like in the concept pic.

Make a sphere again and use polygon selector to select the box at the center.

and then Extrude it to make a hand like this:

then select the meshes using Polygon and then hold shift and move it to the left.
(A window will pop-out and set Clone to Element and press OK)

and ofc you should Rotate that and copy the same Finger position by moving

then Select the square thing from the left side of the sphere and then press Delete to make a hole:

and then select each poly and use Target weld to connect the poly to another poly like this:

then place it to the left arm.

then its FINISHED!!!
Just Repeat those steps until you finish making the legs!


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