Monday, October 24, 2011

Warcraft GV turns 1 year old this 2012

Warcraft III: Garage and Vault

To All Warcraft Friends.

Sorry if i'm not that active in our forums, because my computer is fully infected by different unknown viruses and Some of the Warcraft Files corrupted by a Noob Anti-Virus.
Once i click any of those EXE Format files in my computer, it will trigger the virus.

- It will create unknown pif format also Autorun.Inf on all Drives.
- Showing "It is not a valid Win 32 Application" and L2 Errors on some files.
- Other Installed programs corrupted.

I really hate this LOL.

2012 Updates:

- New Forum Theme and Bug Fixing.
- More Models to come.
- Resources fully organized.
- Christmas Special Contest.

And More!

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Sunday, October 9, 2011

So Fast!

So here's my special blog entry because today is my birthday... Just saying "Thanks a lot" for those who support my builds, blog, etc. So here's my DC 2012 Inspired Banner, (Just click the banner on the right side of my blog for more details about the upcoming 2012 MAC Contest) just a quick editing. 

I just use basic simple effects inside photoshop like noise, text, pics, photo filter, etc.  since my computer is going crazy with its virus. I might edit a new one once my computer get fix.

So let's get started, First of all i would like to thank all the people who greet me in Facebook, from my Cousins, family, friends to MAC, GMAC, RCH and ZeroGunz Family.
Special thanks to kamm for giving me his Cherudim Rifle / batteries for my Cherudim Saga WIP.
I didn't expect that this package will arrived today morning haha... exactly on my birthday lol.

I might finish these rifles this week so i can work on some body parts. Stay Tuned for more Updates again and thanks for reading.

Gundam Age Episode 1 - Saviour Gundam

Gundam Age Episode 1 - Saviour Gundam
AG 115: Orphaned by the Unknown Enemy assault on his home colony Orvan, Flit is raised on the Federation military's Arinston Base on Nora. Believing that the day will come when humanity can turn the tide against the UE, he uses plans found in the AGE Device left to him by his mother to develop mankind's savior--the mobile suit "Gundam". Then, Nora is attacked by a new type of UE mobile suit. Flit pilots the Gundam he built to defend the people of Nora!

Courtesy of Gundam.Info


Graphics = 5
Story = ?
Design = 3? (Gundam Age suited for the kids. But Adults? Maybe not haha)