Monday, October 24, 2011

Warcraft GV turns 1 year old this 2012

Warcraft III: Garage and Vault

To All Warcraft Friends.

Sorry if i'm not that active in our forums, because my computer is fully infected by different unknown viruses and Some of the Warcraft Files corrupted by a Noob Anti-Virus.
Once i click any of those EXE Format files in my computer, it will trigger the virus.

- It will create unknown pif format also Autorun.Inf on all Drives.
- Showing "It is not a valid Win 32 Application" and L2 Errors on some files.
- Other Installed programs corrupted.

I really hate this LOL.

2012 Updates:

- New Forum Theme and Bug Fixing.
- More Models to come.
- Resources fully organized.
- Christmas Special Contest.

And More!

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  1. You gotta download AVAST or Vipre they will delete all viruses, the programs are legal and free too. One way is to format your computer too.

  2. I already format my computer 8 times haha anti-virus always detecting system files and corrupt them @_@ especially avast