Sunday, October 9, 2011

Gundam Age Episode 1 - Saviour Gundam

Gundam Age Episode 1 - Saviour Gundam
AG 115: Orphaned by the Unknown Enemy assault on his home colony Orvan, Flit is raised on the Federation military's Arinston Base on Nora. Believing that the day will come when humanity can turn the tide against the UE, he uses plans found in the AGE Device left to him by his mother to develop mankind's savior--the mobile suit "Gundam". Then, Nora is attacked by a new type of UE mobile suit. Flit pilots the Gundam he built to defend the people of Nora!

Courtesy of Gundam.Info


Graphics = 5
Story = ?
Design = 3? (Gundam Age suited for the kids. But Adults? Maybe not haha)


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