Wednesday, April 27, 2011

1/144 Forest Diorama

1/144 Forest Diorama
Note: This is my first diorama
No Money? Have the materials for the dio? then go for it and make a Diorama for your 1/144 Gunplas.
Here are the materials needed to make this Dio:

Semco Acrylics & Mr. Hobby White

• [Semco] Citrus Yellow - 45 php
• [Semco] Mud Cake - 45 php
• [Mr. Hobby] Aqueous White - 100 php (Go for Cheap!)
• Base
• Tissue Paper
• Brush (Or AirBrush)
• Styro or any weight-less as base for the mountain
• White Glue
• Sand
• Water
• Grass Powders
• Artificial Plants (You can use Woodland Scenics Foliage)
• Chopstick (Any Stick that you can use as stand for your Gunpla)

First, Make a Mountain-Look using Styro something like this with your White Glue and Stick:

After that, get your wet tissue and wrap it like this:

Is your Mountain don't want to stick in to your Wooden Base?
Don't Worry we will handle that.

Apply "Sand + Glue Mixture" Just mix 10% Water 5% White Glue and the Sand in a small container
and after that, apply it on your base and let it dry like this one:

then imagine where should you put those artificial plants and other doodads:

Paint it with the base of Mudcake then experiment by mixing White, Yellow, Brown It depends on your taste!

Use Drybrushing Technique to pre-shade the ground and the mountain.

So this is what it looks like after painting:

Get ready your Grass Powders and plan for the area where do you want to apply it.

Applying the Grass Powder:

Then, Attach your Gunpla on the stick and put the other gunpla on the ground, give them some pose you
can get ideas on detailing the ground. (In this Photo, I only used 1 Gunpla)

Added some Details like Damaged Shield, Guns, Rocks and Plants.

Stay Tune!... The rocks and others are not yet glue.


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