Wednesday, January 4, 2012

WC3: Anime Battle Characters [ABC]

Anime Battle Characters
At last, ToM already released its second version (1.2v) 
Try this new version and you will be amazed because of its special effects, spells and models.

Changelog of version 1.2

- Added 7 new Heroes (Aigis, Deadmaster, Sakura, Yuki, Assassin, Roa and Gintoki)
- Added 1 new Special Hero (Rin and Len Kagamine Twin) [only via random]
- New Terrain (with Xmas Theme)
- Boss of Azure and Tarasque removed, added Tenshi Hinanai as new boss (appear at 30 mins of gametime)
- Added BGM(s) [(SWR) Catastrophe in Bhava-Agra ~ Wonderful Heaven and (SWR) Bhava-Agra As Seen Trough a Child's Mind]
- Added Intro Sound each character selected
- Added New Characters Selection Screen
- Status changed to Endurance, Swiftness, and Potency
- All skills, stats growth, items, and many more rebalanced
- Many skills revamped and remaked
- Christmas event items added
- All old bugs fixed
- No more server split (guaranteed)
- Duel got handicap (boulders attack, can be removed via game command -nb)
- New duel system (All Shoujo Team vs All Shounen Team)
- and many other small changes.

Things that still left behind on this version (out of time)

- Implanting New Items
- Implanting New Gamemode
- and some small stuff that forget to do


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