Sunday, March 4, 2012

Meet Up with Aor_Or_Die

Meet up with Aor_or_Die:

Omar arrived here in manila last saturday and meet us the next day, Feb 26.
Photos taken from the meet-up with Aor_or_Die (Omar) and Anar near Robinsons Place Manila. 

This is my very first close chat to a foreigner actually and i'm speechless. We meet-up on a restaurant first inside the mall and Omar shows his WIP, PMS-007 Jaguar and after a little chit chat, we proceed to a bar... i don't know the name sorry :D

All we do is, teach anar and omar how to eat balot and talk about tourist spots here in Philippines, and laugh...:D

Anar on the left and Omar on the right side

I'm surprised when Omar give this mobile staff and O-BOLT Wave.
Actually i was really planning to buy one but decided to buy all the materials i need first for my pending wips.
Thanks again bro! I hope we can meet you again.


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