Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Birthday Post: 10.10.12

Hi Everyone... 
First, I would like to say A BIG THANK YOU to those who greet me on my facebook profile, GMAC, Mecha Lounge forums, and other groups especially to my close friends.

Since its my Birthday, I Would like to share this past (year 2011) and present (year 2012) picture. 

You can actually tell the difference by looking at my table haha 

2011 - My first time to use PLA-PLATE and Modify a Kit. (Cherudim SAGA)
2012 - Present Picture for my upcoming 2nd and 3rd Modified Kits, the Char's Rick Dom and the Psycho Gundam (Actually it depends on my mood which one i'm going to modify)


Elementary Days:
- 1/144 HG Gundam Wing EW Clear Ver. Set (Died)
- 1/144 FG Gundam Wing (Died)
- 1/144 FG Aesculapius (Died)
- 1/144 FG Gundam X Set (Died)

1st Year High school:
- 1/100 NG Aegis Gundam (My First Weathered Kit - 2011 - Sold)
- 1/144 FG Strike, Aegis, Duel, Sword Impulse Gundam (Died)

and NEXT is a non-gunpla related, and its my latest Rockman drawing on a kiddie board:

I just draw it because i'm bored. Thank God I still remember their details.

So let's go back to the main topic, WHY I'M NOT SO ACTIVE!?

I'm very sorry if i'm not that actively posting on our Mecha Lounge Forum and my blog.
The Reason why is.... my Future, my Church Career, and my friends and especially i don't have a internet connection at home!

But I was still able to do my wip after work (Every 9:00pm to 1:00 am LOL) and sometimes whole day of sunday.
But it was very slow because i need to get some rest too. I'm not a Robot~!

Here's my Status:

- Still Working on HG Psycho Gundam
- MG Char's Rick Dom (Pending)
- MG Hyaku Shiki (Pending)
- HG Beargguy (Diorama Done / The kit is still Pending)
- MG Sazabi (Still Standing LOL)
- MG Zeta Gundam (Unassembled)
- MG Nu Gundam (Unassembled)

Tomorrow is already GBWC 2012 here in the philippines... 
So you better wait and check my gbwc update w/ lots of pictures again

The answer is NO. I already decided not to join this year because of the hectic schedule i have and ofc my wip didn't make it on time.

My best friend, Mark Bersola which is "Berst" in our MECHA LOUNGE forum, always forcing me to work on my GBWC Entry everyday so i can join even though i'm very tired everynight LOL..
Thanks for the motivation, man~! Thumbs Up~!

Good Luck to all participants especially to those 2011 New Challengers batchmates!
For those who doesn't know how to go to the event, You can go ride LRT 2 - Cubao to Gilmore Station and have a walk or jeep ride to Robinsons Magnolia Branch.

Well, That's all! Enjoy the event and See ya there Guys~! 


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