Thursday, March 8, 2012

GBWC 2012: Flash Report

Start modifying your entries now so you don't need to rush it before GBWC...!
Good luck to all my fellow (New Challenger 2011) Gunpla Builders, its our time now to fight the professional modelers inside the Open Category this year!


Sunday, March 4, 2012

Meet Up with Aor_Or_Die

Meet up with Aor_or_Die:

Omar arrived here in manila last saturday and meet us the next day, Feb 26.
Photos taken from the meet-up with Aor_or_Die (Omar) and Anar near Robinsons Place Manila. 

This is my very first close chat to a foreigner actually and i'm speechless. We meet-up on a restaurant first inside the mall and Omar shows his WIP, PMS-007 Jaguar and after a little chit chat, we proceed to a bar... i don't know the name sorry :D

All we do is, teach anar and omar how to eat balot and talk about tourist spots here in Philippines, and laugh...:D

Anar on the left and Omar on the right side

I'm surprised when Omar give this mobile staff and O-BOLT Wave.
Actually i was really planning to buy one but decided to buy all the materials i need first for my pending wips.
Thanks again bro! I hope we can meet you again.