Sunday, April 14, 2013

WIP: 1/100 MG [BANDAI] Rick Dom 4

WIP: 1/100 MG - Char's Rick Dom 

Previous WIP Pictures can seen here - 2

I have started to mod my DOM again and here are the pictures.
I used Topet's 1/144 GM Cannon Head and redesign it to The-O's Head using Epoxy putty.

I also started to add blockyness into my O's Backpack and add fuel tank just like the Full Armor Unicorn.
I think this will be the hardest part to mask and paint because i didn't separate the back horn from the backpack.

I bought this tube at ACE Hardware and it only costs 15 pesos each. 

What i'm going to do next is to make the shoulders bigger so that the legs and foot will be no longer, out of proportion.


So that's all~!