Tuesday, October 29, 2013

COMPLETED KIT: Scratch Built The-O

COMPLETED KIT: Scratch Built The-O

So, Here's my another completed kit, The-O (Chaos) converted from Char's Rick Dom. 
This time it is more on scratch building unlike the Cherudim i just convert it into saga.

People that i want to thank: 

DC23 (For giving his Master Grade Char's Rick Dom during the MAC Anniversary Raffle)
- Mark Anthony Bersola (For Pushing me to work and for the Gelgoog shoulders, Metallic Paint)
- Ace Perez (For Sponsoring Paints, Foods, and for teaching me to clean and work with Airbrush)
- Jeff Ho (For guiding me on the Color scheme and weathering)
- Topetsuki Maling (For the GM Cannon Head)
- Toy Maker and Makoto Kobayashi (For the inspiration)

Other Info:

Shoulder: MG 1/100 - Gelgoog

Head: HG 1/144 - GM Cannon
Legs: MG 1/100 - Quebeley
Weapon: MG 1/100 - ZZ Gundam's Backpack, MG 1/100 - The O Weapon, Scraps from SD, etc.
Everything: MG 1/100 - Char's Rick Dom and Scratch built.
Mini Arms in front skirt: HG 1/144 - Heavy Arms EW
Cable on the Waist: MG 1/100 - Hyaku Shiki



The Evolution

Scale comparison with 1/144 HG - The O


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