Monday, March 28, 2016

WIP: Madara Uchiha (Funko Pop Custom)

WIP: Madara Uchiha (Funko Pop Custom)

Hello There!

This is my first Funko Pop custom made from a Female DIY Funko Pop. I chose the Female DIY as a base because of its slim body and start the process on the head part which is the hair!

I sculpt the strands every row just like in the picture

then cut the original feet and sculpt the fingers to make it look like a ninja sandals

Cut the body in two and straighten the legs

Painting it with Vallejo Game Color and Model Color 
I also used my Wax' container as a base for the stand and insert peg on it for the feet

Primed the head and base

Painted the beige parts 



  1. what material do you use to model?

    1. Pioneer Brand, Non-Sag Epoxy Putty. Its a industrial brand use for plumbing.

    2. do you still make these? looking for someone to make me a madara with a box

    3. reply to me at if you are