Friday, February 10, 2012

WIP: 1/144 HG [BANDAI] Beargguy 1

WIP: 1/144 HG [BANDAI] Beargguy 1
So here's my 2nd Entry for MAC's 2012 Mecha Contest Diorama Category.
I choose this lovely beargguy as entry because i'm going to give this one to my bestfriend this coming Monday. OMG! Monday!? yes its rush, the deadline will be on monday or early.

So here's the plan:

- Grass Field Diorama w/ Flowers, Tall grass and Tree if i can make it in time.
- Beargguy Articulation Modifications.
- Going to topcoat, panel line, apply stickers, Slight preshading the kit. (OOTB build)
- Add scattered Miniature Random Photos.

Entry Photo:

Here are the Snap fit pictures so far:

The Modification for the arms so it can bend up more.

Also the trim the last armor part so he can do the pose from the 2nd picture.

Febuary 9 (Thurday Update)
I made a lot of miniature photos to give a scene to the diorama.
(Pictures credits goes to their owners)

Some photos of the beargguy with these miniature photos.

Stay Tuned for more updates!


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