Sunday, February 12, 2012

WIP: 1/144 HG [BANDAI] Beargguy 2

WIP: 1/144 HG [BANDAI] Beargguy 2
Another Update for my beargguy wip. This time i'm going to show you on how to make a cheap/quick grass diorama. You don't need to paint anything or paper mache the ground.
So let's start!

Materials Used:

- Flock w/ Cotton Base = 100

- Styrofoam 1x1 = 12.25
- Fabric Dye Venus = 5
- White Glue = 27.75
- Hi-Tech Paint Brush 2 White Bristle = 29.75
- Small Rocks
- Grass Powder - 20 or 25

First, Glue the Flock w/ Cotton Base into the styrofoam.
I used the chair's foot and the wall to wedged it in.
(I bought the Flock w/ Cotton Base 1x1 from Landmark (Flower Shop)

I used this carpenter beige colored Brush to make the tall grass, and Green Dye to color it.

First put some water into a container and add some salt and mix it with the Green Dye powder.

Stir it well, Until the brush is covered by the green dye.

Result of 2 Packs of Green Dye.
(If you want to make it more darker, add more dye powder into it)

Glued it into the base.

Added some small rocks on the field.
(Rocks don't stick on the cotton so use Hot Glue Stick/Superglue for that)

Ignore the sticky white parts... the Glue is still on drying process.

Placed the Beargguy on it so i can imagine what pose can fits on it.

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