Sunday, May 27, 2012

2012 Gundam Model Kit Contest (May 27)

2012 Gundam Model Kit Contest
The Gundam Unicorn Screening started at 10:30 something... We watched the Episode 4 first before the Episode 5: The Black Unicorn and we're very hungry actually :D

Inside Cinema 5.

The GMAC Bros. talking about the ending of the story.

My Entry, AGE-2 Normal.

Jokster's Gafran. This one is very clean and its Glossy I thought this one is going to win.
Too sad T_T

Romil's Entry. (I don't know the name of this kit correct me if i'm wrong, This is Zeydra)
Romil did a very good paint job on this one even though it is a Advanced Grade Kit only.

Group Pictures! Too bad David, Romil and the others went to Deovir / Eat... 
Jeremiah and Nichols is in a Hurry to go home.

Its my entry again :D 
I'm very happy with the results

Nichols' AGE 1 - Normal and Jesta (NC Open Category)
This one have a very clean paint job... You're going to say that he use Airbrush on this one, But its not and its not Topcoated only. He used Tamiya Spraycans to paint this one.

Here's Jeremiah's G-Bouncer and Billy's AGE 1 - Normal.
They have used the same spraycans :D

Billy is achieving Gundam Akatsuki color scheme while Jeremiah is doing a Delta Gundam Color scheme. 

Billy's AGE 1 - Titus Mode

Theatrical Limited Edition HG Banshee (Clear ver)
We only have 75 kits here in phils. and it costs 1,600 PHP

Angelo's Reborns Gundam and Astrea

Astrea (Delta Plus): Banagher, Shoot while you can!!!
Reborns (Unicorn): I can't!!!

I will post more Entry pics soon. So Stay tuned!


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