Friday, June 1, 2012

WIP: 1/144 HG [BANDAI] AGE-2 Normal 1

2012 Gundam Model Kit Contest
My Entry for 2012 Mecha Contest and Mid-Year Competition.
Its a little bit too late to post it here in my blog haha.

You can check the WIP thread here.

So here's the summary of the wip:
(Sanded and primed with TOA Spraycan)

Painted the blue parts with Warlord Purple from Vallejo Game Color.

Cheap way to make painting sticks is to get your Hanger Clips and BBQ Sticks with Tape!

Coated by Vallejo DULL Varnish

I used Vallejo Model Color, German Grey for the Gray parts.

and i just panel line the Yellow, Red and White parts then topcoated it with DULL :D


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