Saturday, July 6, 2013

WIP: 1/10 Rockman (Shadow Armor) 1

WIP: 1/10 Rockman (Shadow Armor)

Just a quick update on my on-going Rockman Shadow Armor WIP.
First, I made the forehead more sharper just like X's using .5mm pla-plates.

I'm still planning how am i going to take off the face part after extending the left and right side of the helmet.

The Horn. I might use a Red Gem sticker or a clear part from a Gundam runner for that.

I still need to make everything smooth so there will be no scratch issues after priming.

This is where i'm going to place a strip of plaplate for the belt. I might extend the torso as well for the chest armor.

This is the exciting part of this build... 
I'm sure Rockman will have a sharper look after this stage.

Thanks for reading! Till Next post!


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