Saturday, July 6, 2013

WIP: 1/100 MG [BANDAI] Sinanju 1

WIP: 1/100 MG - Sinanju

So here's my second commission project today, and what i'm planning do is to transform this 1/100 Master grade Sinanju into this monster "SINANJU BEIN NICHTS" Fan-Art using Scratch built ZZ/EX-S Boosters, Huge Arms and parts from the RC Nightingale.

 Original Look of the Nightingale.

I added the crouch based on the fan-art. Ignore the boosters on the back!~

What I have done on this part is, I added a lot of details to make it look like an inner frame and i also place some plaplates to cover up Nightingale's seamline issue.  

I also detail up the Front skirts of the Nightingale, i find it boring that's why i'm still going to add more detail soon!~

Next, is the Boosters!
This is the first challenging part of this build, I need to scratch build those 4 boosters for the back and legs (Because this is a hover type mecha).
(I'm still on the 1st stage of scratch building the boosters so sorry about this)

And the last thing is, I have already start scratch building the huge arm using Pla-plate and Webcam Head.

Till next post! Thanks for reading~!


  1. looking good wuji! this should turn out really good bro!!

  2. Thanks..!~ Your Nu looks good too very detailed