Monday, July 8, 2013

PinoyGundam TV YouTube Channel

PinoyGundam TV YouTube Channel:

I forgot to tell you guys that I have already decided to take the opportunity to be a Videographer for every events inside the PinoyGundam Community. It doesn't mean that I only cover PinoyGundam contest, meet-ups, but also Gundam/Mecha-Related events such as GBWC, Bandai Events, Toy Conventions, Gundam Cosplay events, etc. So, the channel is not just for Pilipino but also for our fellow Modelers / Collectors / Fans around the globe!

(PinoyGundam Interview last 2013 Philippine ToyCon)

The PinoyGundam TV Channel will be active starting "July 9, 2013". 
We are here to give you more surprises and more updates regarding our upcoming PinoyGundam MAMAW Yarian Challenge.

Just visit any of the link below to explore PinoyGundam

Saturday, July 6, 2013

WIP: 1/10 Rockman (Shadow Armor) 1

WIP: 1/10 Rockman (Shadow Armor)

Just a quick update on my on-going Rockman Shadow Armor WIP.
First, I made the forehead more sharper just like X's using .5mm pla-plates.

I'm still planning how am i going to take off the face part after extending the left and right side of the helmet.

The Horn. I might use a Red Gem sticker or a clear part from a Gundam runner for that.

I still need to make everything smooth so there will be no scratch issues after priming.

This is where i'm going to place a strip of plaplate for the belt. I might extend the torso as well for the chest armor.

This is the exciting part of this build... 
I'm sure Rockman will have a sharper look after this stage.

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WIP: 1/100 MG [BANDAI] Sinanju 1

WIP: 1/100 MG - Sinanju

So here's my second commission project today, and what i'm planning do is to transform this 1/100 Master grade Sinanju into this monster "SINANJU BEIN NICHTS" Fan-Art using Scratch built ZZ/EX-S Boosters, Huge Arms and parts from the RC Nightingale.

 Original Look of the Nightingale.

I added the crouch based on the fan-art. Ignore the boosters on the back!~

What I have done on this part is, I added a lot of details to make it look like an inner frame and i also place some plaplates to cover up Nightingale's seamline issue.  

I also detail up the Front skirts of the Nightingale, i find it boring that's why i'm still going to add more detail soon!~

Next, is the Boosters!
This is the first challenging part of this build, I need to scratch build those 4 boosters for the back and legs (Because this is a hover type mecha).
(I'm still on the 1st stage of scratch building the boosters so sorry about this)

And the last thing is, I have already start scratch building the huge arm using Pla-plate and Webcam Head.

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Monday, July 1, 2013

2013 Gundam Model Kit Contest 1

2013 Gundam Model Kit Contest
Like last year, We watched the latest episode of Gundam Unicorn first before the awarding.
I know this is a late blog post as many of you have already saw these pictures on my facebook.

Gundam Campaign prizes! Actually its better to have these prizes for the contest so please add them to the list!

Gundam AGE GAGE-ING Battle Arcade

Gundam Caravan!~ FREE AG Age kits, Zedas, Genoace, Gafran.

Newest Kits, SD Sazabi and Hi-Nu Gundam. Messala, MG Ver. RM Strike Gundam, HG Astray Blue Frame Sec. L