Friday, September 9, 2011

WIP: 1/100 NG [BANDAI] Cherudim Gundam 7

WIP: 1/100 NG [BANDAI] Cherudim Gundam
So here's my #7 Update for my Cherudim Gundam. Thanks for reading my blog post even though my english is not that good LOL. My Blog already reached 13,229 Page views and I really really appreciated it.

I got these Kotobukiya parts from Vanz in exchange of HM's Photo Etch even though its expensive than the koto parts. So let's go back to my Cherudim.

I used the Smallest Round exhaust koto parts to ZZ's Forehead just like what Toymaker did in his Cherudim Avalanche. I just followed what he did because i can't scratch build the whole part using pla-plate. (Its to hard to make a Pentagon shape perfectly)

I also started to design the foot and the Shield.

I just put some mini rectangular pla plates on it because i forgot those when i'm working on the panel lines.

I re-designed the back of the shield and Its not done yet.

I also add some koto parts on the shoulders.

That's all for now... Because I'm still repairing some trimming problems on the arms and detailing it too. So stay tuned again!


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