Thursday, September 1, 2011

WIP: 1/100 NG [BANDAI] Cherudim Gundam 6

WIP: 1/100 NG [BANDAI] Cherudim Gundam
So here's my next update for our Cherudim face-off.
And its all about trimming and plating!

First mark the part with your pencil.

Then Trim it using your Design knife.

And i sanded down the edges into Outer Bevel Style.

 I also trimmed this part and pla-plate both side of it.
(I got this idea from Ver-Ed's Arios)

 So the next step is, i'm going to add a simple detail on its arm.
First, i'm going to teach you how i cut my .5mm pla-plate and how am I save the excess for the future use.

Align your Ruler to your pla-plate. The gridlines on the ruler will serve as your guide for cutting. 

Then mark it up with your pencil and gently slice it 10 to 15 times depending on your force.

And there we have a clean strip cut from your actual .5mm pla-plate size.
 (So you can cut the pattern easily with more space)

Then make your own gridlines using your ruler again.


 Notice the part where i'm going to put the pla-plate and the size of the markup line i made.
So that's the only piece you need to take. so slice it!

 So here's the result of cutting the pla-plate in 2 different ways.
LEFT: This is the one we tackle, and you can still use the Remaining excess 
(Excess from the shape you made) unlike on the other side you will just throw it away.
RIGHT: This will happen if you just cut the only piece you need.

So, here are the result of the trimming and adding pla-plates.

Stay tuned again. I hope you learn something.


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