Sunday, September 25, 2011

Gunpla References 1

Gunpla References 1
I didn't sleep last night just to post these good-looking designs for gunplas!
After Seeing these Gundam Age Designs, The First thing comes to my mind is to buy this Good Articulated HG Gundam Age kit but because of Kamm and Decay's Work on their Sazabi Build-Off, Sazabi is getting my attention these past days.


  1. Gundam Uranus Reminds me of Blitz
    Gundam gabriel wing Zero Custom
    and Gundam Alexia...hmmm unidentified XD
    but anways like their designs

  2. Mind if I link to your post? You've inspired me to post my own inspiration post...(derp)

  3. @Khaidir
    Yeah you're right haha... The Uranus also have the manual Lol...

    Sure bro! No Problem!