Monday, November 21, 2011

COMPLETED KIT: 1/100 NG [BANDAI] Cherudim Saga

COMPLETED KIT: 1/100 NG [BANDAI] Gundam Cherudim Saga
So this is my version of the Cherudim Saga. 
I learned a lot on this build especially scratch building weapons, body and shield using pla-plates.
You can check the WIP THREAD HERE or browse my blog haha...

First, i would to thank all the people who help on this build: 

DC23 and Toymaker (For the inspiration, guiding me)
- Kamm (Inspiration, Weapon)
- Vanz Anazasi (Who always there to help and to guide me, Condenser's stickers, Paint job)
- Kevin Samaniego (For the decals)
Mark Anthony Bersola (For the Diorama Decals, Tamiya quick type putty, pla-rod)
- Edmund Teo (Photo Etch, Sound Activated kit)
- Angelo Vilog (For the Spraycans, 2 Holsters)
- R.R Parreñas (Light Gimik)

Here are the pictures of the diorama:

The Diorama is made of High Impact Sheets and it has a Blue light up gimik using a clap switch.


  1. hand's Down!
    finally, i've only seen your entry from afar!

    tag me more pics :)

  2. @Khaidir
    Thanks bro!

    thanks for the spraycans again... you can check the photos on my photobcket album.

  3. good job sir!!!

    im really inspired! makes me wanna try my hand on scratch building too!!

  4. I'm Glad you like it!~
    Try it... it will bring up the power inside of you bro!~ i'm here to help