Sunday, November 13, 2011

WIP: 1/100 NG [BANDAI] 00 Gundam Diorama Revealed 2

WIP: 1/100 NG [BANDAI] 00 Gundam Diorama

Materials for painting:

Bosny Gray Primer
Bosny Flat Black
Bosny Flat Clear
Old Tooth Brush
Silver Paint (Acrylic or Enamel doesn't matter)
Tamiya Weathering Master B (Snow/Rust/Soot)

 First, i've primed it with Bosny.

Then Apply Bosny Flat Black after the prime dries.

Then use Tamiya Weathering Master B Snow then brush it along the edges of the texture made by plaster of paris and tissue to give more depth to the ground.

1. Then after that, Seal it with Top coat and then Repeat brushing Snow pigment on the ground.
2. Get your old toothbrush and drybrush the silver paint on the 2 black towers (LOL i don't know what is this thing)
3. Wait for the silver paint to dry, then apply Tamiya Weathering master's rust pigment randomly and here's the result:

You can also use Enamel Wash Method for the rust and White Paint Dry brushing Method for highlighting.

I hope my cousin, R.R ParreƱas can finish the LED circuit for my Trinity-Inspired Diorama in time.
its a pressuring week and hot... stay tuned again for more updates!

I would like to thank ZEROVLADE (Angelo Vilog) for the spray cans haha...Thanks a lot.


  1. nice Diorama and Also awesome mods on the NG 00. using parts from 7swords/g?

  2. nope its all plaplate. There's no time now for the bustersword to sb @_@

  3. Great painting. Could you care to enlighten me on the steps with the paint? I'm currently in the process of painting a similar diorama and it'd be nice if you could help me out.

  4. Sure bro... I'm willing to help you out :D
    Where's your wip?

  5. holy shit! its damn amazing!

    everything looks awesome!


  7. @Vulcan
    Is it going to be a black ground?...
    make the ground wavey... dont make it flat :D

    Thanks for supporting these wips. I've appreciated it!

  8. Well, I plan to have the wall be dark grey-ish, with the ground at a lighter grey. I still need to coat the bottom layer with more stuff before the paint. Not sure how to go about painting the layers.

  9. hmm... Use diff shades of gray.
    use 3 colors for the wall.

    about the ground, just use flat black and drybrush the gray and white then wash something rust if you want or use pigments