Thursday, November 17, 2011

WIP: 1/100 NG [BANDAI] Cherudim Gundam 12

WIP: 1/100 NG [BANDAI] Cherudim Gundam

So here's my part 2 WIP blog entry for my Trinity inspired dio. The status of this wip is already 90%, 5% for Painting and 5% for weathering. Its a little bit late because of the putty curing and Led Ciruit.

So here's the update yesterday:

 Before the priming, the plaplate parts stick to the wood by masking tape. 
I also used this axe-like wood so i can rotate the parts while spraying and to avoid paints on my hand.

Priming the parts.


I only used Bosny Light Gray for the dark parts and install the led wiring inside.

while the PCB is hiding at the back of the wall.

Added another wall.

I only used Legos to serve as stand for my acrylic plastic. 


Decal the floor + Apply Silver paint chipping + Top Coat.


For Panel line and rust wash, you only need Tamiya Weathering Master B, Cotton Bud and a water.
 (You don't need Enamel or acrylic paints, just a pigment and a water will do the trick)

Deep your cotton bud into your water, then get some soot pigment on the Tamiya Weathering master. Then release the water by brushing the cotton bud up and down the edges and let the water flow on the panel lines, Just like the enamel wash method. 
Remove the excess by rubbing it using your fingers or tissue in a direction.
then repeat it again with the rust pigment.

Next is, Dry brushing (Strongly) the pigment on the edges especially over the silver paint chips.

Top Coat it, and here's the result!

Next up is the solid metal rod for the Cherudim.
I used Tamiya Quick Type Epoxy Putty to glue it on the wall, actionbase connector and also to the walls and wood base since super glue is not strongly good for that.

(The walls are made from 1mm HIPS, if you're going to put the rod on the walls, make sure its 2mm or thicker than 1mm so the wall can handle the weight of the rod and also the kit you're going to hang there.)

( I only used this method so i can minimize the height requirement for GBWC and also to protect the ground)

 Wait for the next update tomorrow or later :D


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