Saturday, May 14, 2011

WIP: 1/144 [BANDAI] Gundam Exia Elbow

1/144 [BANDAI] First Grade: Gundam Exia (ELBOW)
Adding New Articulation to the elbows of FG Gundam Exia.

Normal Elbow

Modified Elbow.

Make a thick or use thick pla-plates to make this articulation part and drill it.

Then drill the top of it so the peg can be inserted there from the shoulder part.

For the Shoulder part, I used a tiny pla-plate with a hole on the center of it then insert the peg from the runner and cut the hole inside, so you can tightly insert the peg into it.

Then cement the whole shoulder part. See the difference? The Right one is the original.

Cut the missing part and cement it to the knee articulation part. 
(Slice the red line!)

Then Insert the lower arm to the upper part!

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  1. nice! WIP Work.. i want 2 find a drill like urs

  2. Just go to the nearest hardware and find a 1.5 drill bit... buy 2 and 1.5 for diff size :D (You can't insert the peg from the runners using 1.5)

  3. ah. thanks for the tip :) i've been lookin for sum drillz both big and small

  4. In my area...Only Handyman Store have that 1.5 drill bit =.= a little bit (30 mins) far from my house.