Friday, May 6, 2011

WIP: 1/144 [BANDAI] Heavy Arms Gundam Part 2

WIP: 1/144 [BANDAI] Heavy Arms Gundam Part 2
Covers my basic weathering and battle damaging of Gunpla.

 For Bullet holes, I used my hobby knife to the hole and slice in different directions like in the picture below:

Normal Picture of battle Damaged painted using Gray Gundam Marker
(Use Gundam Marker SILVER for good)

Apply a little bit of your TAMIYA CEMENT

and brush it in different directions also repeat it for the other part

Then Sand it using 400-600 GRIT SANDPAPER to make it smooth

To hide all the small white dots caused by the cement, i used my friendly RED SHARPIE PEN
(sharpie markers are also similar to real touch gundam markers)


Stay Tuned!~


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