Monday, May 2, 2011

Luffy's Mini Stand

Luffy's Mini Stand

When I'm adding some Grass Powder on my Forest Dio,  I plan to make this mini dio for my Monkey D' Luffy figure. I decided to use an old dunkin donuts' christmas toy since it glows can give a better effect on the figure.

The Materials are:

Masking Tape
White Glue
Styro Foam
Base with Led (From Dunkin Donut)
Semco Acrylic Paints

First, Get your Mini Plastic Base with Led (I got this from Dunkin Donut) Since this is a mini base, I decided to extend it by
using Styro Foam and attach it to the base by Double Sided Tape and then Wrap it with my Masking Tape.

Then Tissue-Mache it! like what i've done with my forest cliff dio.

After 15 Minutes, Apply Sand + Glue Mixture to the dio like this.

Go outside and find a good-looking detailed rocks.

Then glue them in your Base and let it dry for 24 1/2 hours.

Get your Figure ready...

Paint it using White, Yellow and Brown  mixture then Add a stick on it so the figure can stand.

Finished Product with Lights On.


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