Friday, May 6, 2011

WIP: 1/144 [BANDAI] Heavy Arms Gundam Part 1

WIP: 1/144 [BANDAI] Heavy Arms Gundam Part 1
Cleaning and Removing Seamlines

Here's Janjan's old 1/144 Gundam Heavy Arms:

Cleaning it up using Water and Detergent to remove the dust and stickers: 

I used TAMIYA CEMENT then Sand it using 600 GRIT SANDPAPER and after that, I sand it again using 1000 GRIT SANDPAPER for smoother / clean finish. (Use 1000 GRIT for wetsanding)

Next Step is WEATHERING, I used my Tamiya Weathering Master B
to get a soot and rust effect like in the picture: 

Stay tuned!!! (The Second Part of this WIP will show you on how to weather your Gunpla)


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