Tuesday, May 31, 2011

WIP: SD Gundam Astray (Red Frame) 2

WIP: SD Gundam Astray (Red Frame) 2
In this page, i'm going to show you how i made my Scratch build Gundam Double X Backpack-Like.

All you need is 1mm Pla Plates and a Rectangular Lego like in the picture:

 Make a sandwich like this using your own designed pla plate and Lego.
(I got this idea from David Ceremonia)

My friend, Ni Ko gave me some 1/144 HG Gundam X scraps including the backpack.
Since, he lost some of the parts of it, i used the backpack instead of putting it to trash.

I also use 1mm Pla Plate for the weapon.

I used some PC parts so i can connect it to the backpack.

I was planning to put some led or thrusters on the wings to give more attraction.

Stay Tuned again!

Here are some pictures of the wip:


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