Monday, May 2, 2011

WIP: Project: E [Weapon System]

WIP: Project: E [Weapon System]

Today I was planning some modifications for kit-bashing my HG Trans-Am mode Gundam Dynames uing parts from my FG Gundam Exia, FG Strke Gundam and some parts that David gave me.
The design isnt final yet since I plan to make it similar to the strike gundam's 'striker weapon system'. here are some of the photos.I'm planning to make the shoulders similar to Heavy Arms Custom as well.. I'm just waiting for someone to donate those parts to me ^^.

My FG Exia's Head.

David's HG Red Exia Head

 This one looks like the Astray Red Frame doesn't it? what do you think? which option is the best?

Strike's Shoulders?

Or Red Exia's shoulders?

That's it for now. 'til the next time ^^


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