Saturday, May 14, 2011

WIP: 1/144 [BANDAI] Gundam Exia Knee

1/144 [BANDAI] First Grade: Gundam Exia (KNEE)
Adding Articulation to the knee armor of the FG Exia.

Sketch and measure the width and height of your Articulation Part
Use Pla-Plate 3mm or 2mm. 
(In This picture, i used Thin High Impact Sheet)

I cemented 6 pcs of thin High Impact Sheet because i don't have the thicker one ;p

Use PIN VISE or HOBBY KNIFE to make a hole for the peg.

Exactly Fits! Without trimming anything inside the leg part.

Duplicate your Articulation part for the another knee by repeating the steps ofc.

The Articulation Part looks long. I made it long to avoid some mistakes.

Cut those.

And make a hole for the peg in the center.
(The 2nd Picture shows this one)

and attach the small thin pla-plate like in the picture below.

For the Shortcut:
You can also use the HG Grey part from your HG 1/144 Dynames and Exia knee.

First cut all the grey parts on FG Exia's Knee armor.
Then cut the red selected part in the picture and make scratch build it.
Cut the vertical plastic that blocks the hg grey part inside of the knee armor.
Then Insert the HG Grey Part on it... make sure it fits :D

Then test the articulation!


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